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  • 30th October, 2018

Real Estate Trends in Pune

What Home Buyers should know about the Property Investment in pune

Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra and also one of the most prominent cities as far as real estate is concerned.

An influx of migrants

Pune is one of the best cities to reside, reason being better job opportunities, quality education, greenery, pleasant climate, etc. The proportion of migrants to total population is approximately 60 – 65 percent.

Growing demand and statistics

Pune real estate is growing at a fast pace and hence looks promising. Population is increasing day-by-day which means increase in the demand for housing projects. The real estate trends in Pune can be observed through the statistics below.

Pune is now emerging as a manufacturing and IT center with the 6th highest per capita income in India. Pune has an estimated population of 3.99 million.

Developing infrastructure

Several things affect the booming market and the real estate trends in Pune. The rapid development in Pune’s infrastructure is one thing that the home-buyers should consider. Smart city projects, transport systems and the prospective elevated metro corridors are some essential factors to look out for. These aspects further bolster the connectivity of the city.

Effect of commercial factors

The IT Sector and Industrial areas employ a number of residents, hence the value of the property is high on rise. Apart from this, here are some crucial factors influencing the real estate trends in Pune.

  • Manufacturing and automobile are also expanding at a good rate.
  • Pune airport is giving a boost to the economic activities in the surrounding areas.

Expanding peripheral radius of the city

Looking at the real estate trends in Pune, prices of property in the suburbs are steadily rising. The outskirts of Pune are immensely developed. So, developers are coming up with number of residential complexes in Pune.

It will surely be a profitable decision to buy a home, considering the real estate trends in Pune. Namrata Group provides an array of projects in residential and commercial properties.

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