You Can Finally Buy Happiness at HappyCity.

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  • 11th October, 2018
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Happiness at HappyCity

You can finally buy happiness at HappyCity

It is often said that you can’t buy happiness. The one thing that is an exception to this rule is HappyCity in Talegaon. For most of us, our homes contribute to our happiness. Buying a house is an important milestone which involves so many things. It is a symbol of our success, pride, prestige and achievement. It is where you finally provide for your family. Your parents can retire peacefully and your children can grow up joyously. It’s not the four walls, it’s the emotions and the years of hard work you put towards getting it.

Why HappyCity? Let’s take a look –

Central Location – Less Stress

Location is imperative when looking for your ideal home. Usually, houses in prime locations are very expensive and you end up with a small house or extending your budget. But HappyCity recognises the necessity of prime location without taking advantage. It provides affordable, spacious 1BHK and 2BHK homes in two prime locations of Talegaon – Jijamata Chowk and Varale Phata. This central location ensures that you will be in close proximity to everything – transport, station, schools, shops, restaurants and clinics. This means that you will be saving both travel time and money. So say goodbye to long and tiring commutes and hello to relaxing and fun family time.

Excellent Quality – Good Lifestyle

Namrata Group is known for their adherence to high quality standards in construction. HappyCity is made with the good quality, eco-friendly materials. The homes are well ventilated, get ample natural light and are airy. Designed using zero wastage technology, every home gives you the maximum space possible. Hence, you get spacious, roomy houses without stretching your budget.

Good Amenities  – Fun

If you have bright open spaces, a good play area, an elegant club house, all within your society, then you can end your each day on a happy note. Your parents can take a nice walk, you can teach your kids to cycle or simply spend time in fresh air every morning. Having access to good amenities adds to your lifestyle. HappyCity was created with the motive to let you and your family enjoy all the big and little joys in life.

HappyCity was created with the core idea of providing affordable spacious houses in prime locations. A house in HappyCity will be your peaceful and calm haven. So if you are looking for happiness, head over to HappyCity now!

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