New Year Resolution-Property Investment In Pune, Why Not?

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 15th December, 2021

The New Year is approaching, have you set any New Year resolutions or goals? Certain goals are forever in our resolution list-healthy eating, fitness, more focus on work/studies, and so on. Ever thought of setting financial goals for yourself- like getting EMI-free, a definite saving amount, or even property investment in pune?

Buying a home is a quintessential dream for most, but it’s also a monumental task: You have to clean up your credit, apply for a loan, and scrape together a down payment, relentless paperwork till you close on the deal. But at the same time, whatever headaches and hassles one must endure are far and away outweighed by the many benefits of buying a home. Buying a property is regarded as the best investment option. With low deposit rates saving in the form of deposits doesn’t offer great returns. On the other hand, the current lower lending rates make home-buying extremely attractive and is a better investment option any day.

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Why should property investment in Pune be your New Year’s resolution?


  • Low Home loan interest rates/ Lower EMIs

Cheaper credit is available now resulting in home loan interest rates plummeting to sub-7% levels. At 15 record year lows, the lending rates are quite enticing for property buyers, if they have the necessary margin money. Lower rates mean lower EMIs need to be shelled out every month. Low EMIs also means that you may buy a bigger home or a premium property that was earlier unaffordable.

Property Investment In Pune


  • Better Disposable Income, demand for larger homes

Covid-19 got everyone working at home. So the children were home-schooling, adults were working from home creating a need for larger spaces. Besides, with no exotic foreign holidays and other places to spend at nowhere to go out and spend, there are huge savings & cash reserves.

You must look at investing in properties given that Covid-19 is here to stay and that you would need a more comfortable environment when working from home.

  • Better Deals

The kinds of offers and deals which homebuyers are getting now were usually seen only during festive periods. There is more supply than demand pushing the developers to launch special finance options & schemes, discounts, and freebies when selling their projects. It makes home-buying more alluring than ever. Good projects may not offer a direct lucrative discount, however, buyers might get complimentary car parking or waiver of charges or staggered easy payment plans. In many projects, electrical fittings are being given free.


Property investment in Pune


  • Predictable monthly housing payments

A landlord can raise your rent whenever a lease expires—and often by as much as he pleases. But as a homeowner, you can lock in a predictable mortgage payment for as long as 30 years. If you invest in a ready-to-move-in property, you need not bother about fluctuating rents. As a homeowner, your housing budget will go toward your homeownership, not your landlord’s.

  • Property Appreciation and ROI

Owning a property provides you with valuable assets and financial stability. By purchasing a home, you would have an asset that will appreciate over time. It makes your property one of the best investments and a way to establish a financial foundation for future generations.

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  • Tax benefits

Having property investment in Pune, you tend to save a few bucks while paying taxes. The biggest deduction is generally the interest you pay on your loan. It allows you to keep more of your hard-earned money with yourself.

When making a New Year resolution for this year, you would certainly keep the above-said pointers in mind, at the same time you must make sure that your goals are specific and attainable. Fix a timeline and keep a tab on it. For instance, you may decide a month by which you would decide on the property location, a month for fixing your lender, etc. It would give you more clarity on which direction the year would go and something you need to work towards.

Having a resolution is like having a purpose- whether it is meant to make you healthier, bring you success, or make an impact on the world- it gives you a reason to wake up and to do the work. There is no greater happiness than making investments for a brighter future. And when you attain that goal, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and pride over having done something you set out to do. Increasing disposable income and low-interest rates must fuel your aspirations. It is a golden time for Property Investment In Pune. Go for it!