7 Reasons why you should make Smart Investment in talegaon

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  • 17th October, 2018

7 Reasons why you should make Smart Investment in talegaon


Talegaon is very conveniently located between Mumbai and Pune. It is just 30 minutes away from Hinjewadi which has one of Pune’s biggest IT parks. This makes the daily commute to the city very easy. It is also just a few hours away from Mumbai. This location is a huge reason for the boost in Talegaon real estate since many people are investing here either to settle down near the city or for weekend and second homes or even for earning rental income through property.

Low Real Estate Rates

Compared to Mumbai and Pune, Talegaon real estate prices are quite low. This makes it easy on the pocket to invest in the property in Talegaon. Since the market is growing steadily, it is also very safe and practical to invest in Talegaon rather than spending all your savings on a flat in the city.

Growing Industrial Area

Another major contributor to the growth of Talegaon real estate is the rapidly developing industrial area around Talegaon. It is already home to big companies like General Motors, Volkswagen, JCB, etc. It also has several huge automobile factories. The development of Phase 2 of the Industrial area is already underway which will surely provide a huge impetus to the real estate market as well.

Overall Development

Talegaon was first just a small rural area. But it has developed a lot over the past years and has expanded its boundaries as well. It is now considered as a flourishing suburb of Pune. This growth has attracted more and more people to come to Talegaon and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Migrating Population

Due to its good location, amazing climate, beautiful natural surroundings and developing infrastructure, Talegaon is getting a lot of migration. People who work in the city but wish to live in a peaceful and calm environment choose to settle in Talegaon since it gives them the best of both worlds. This has increased the demand for residential projects in Talegaon considerably.

New Housing Projects

Since there is a huge demand for houses in Talegaon, many builders are making great projects in this town. You will find projects that suit different needs made with modern design and wonderful amenities. Investing in Talegaon real estate comes with a plethora of choices wherein you can take your pick according to your requirements.

Good ROI

Due to the high demand and the growing real estate market, there will never be a dearth of people looking for flats in Talegaon. So if you are looking to invest in property without blowing your budget, Talegaon is the right choice. The future of Talegaon real estate looks highly promising and will surely yield good returns. You can also earn rental income on it since houses for rent are also very popular in Talegaon.

So head over to Talegaon now if you wish to make a smart real estate investment.

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