An eco-friendly home is a step to stop global warming

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  • 08th June, 2018
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An eco-friendly home is a step to stop global warming!

The heat is rising, monsoons are playing truants like a child after the summer vacation comes to a hateful end; rivers, wells, lakes and finally the tanks are all getting dry as a dead leaf. Well, it would really take some huge efforts on war footing to combat global warming; but we too can do our small bit to help it on our end.

eco friendly home

  • Stay alert, save electricity: Watch out for those switches of lights, fans and ACs that are left on unmindfully. Even 5 minutes of such a waste per day can amount to a significant waste of energy.
  • Reduce the overall use of electric appliances: Fortunately, our country has a number of indigenous ways to replace many electric appliances.

For instance, you can use mortar and pestle or batan (stone) or a grater instead of mixer (depending on your specific requirement), a simple knife and cutting board instead of that trendy and fancy food processor, so on and so forth.  What’s more, Khus curtains can replace that ubiquitous AC! The western cousins of these indigenous appliances hog electricity to the glory and generate an alarming amount of heat in return. Besides a huge electricity bill, it could cost us our life in the long run.

  • Go green: Planting trees around your home would help maintain the ecological balance along with beautifying your home. It would also reduce the overall temperature and cool the air.
  • Use one vehicle per family: Avoid burning excessive fuel. A concept like car pool could come in quite handy for this. As far as possible, all family members should have only one four wheeler

and share it together. This would help reduce excessive emission, control pollution and the amount of heat in the atmosphere.

  • Stay close to nature: Still better, if you are a first home buyer, choose a home in the natural surroundings.


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