Why living in Talegaon is better than living in the city.

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 05th August, 2018

Why living in in Talegaon is better than living in the city.

While we were planning our cities, the pace of lifestyle and the growth that it would offer, we never planned for the cons that it brings along. Pollution, cramped in spaces, less of playgrounds, lack of fresh air, honks and what not noises are there to deal with. As the objective was to enhance lifestyle, we somehow landed on the deteriorating aspect of health and peace of mind. But improvisation is the essential touchstone and we are all ready with a space in the natures lap. Talegaon, the city surrounded with plush greens and touched gently with all the urban lifestyle essential amenities, beats all the options of finding a home elsewhere.

Developments in Talegaon

Well, your friends and neighbours largely determine what you’ll be. Quite like the same, located in the vicinity of two thriving cities of the country – Pune and Mumbai, Talegaon is definitely a place walking towards its glory – glory days. Having multinationals shown their interest by making huge investments and presence of some already, Talegaon is a booming employment hub. To check neatly, having well established schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, multiplexes and gyms makes it stand 360 degrees tall. And then, the most significant stature is that of the vibrantly ever green nature. Picturesque to the eyes, smooth to the breathes and delightful to the mind is Talegaon’s caress to many who are owning flats in Talegaon. Living in Talegaon means choosing the best.

Property Investment options at Talegaon

At Talegaon, Namrata group’s journey has been a joyous journey. Crafting a beautiful home specifically for a common man with that uncommon spirit has been the art that we have worked upon for years endlessly. Creating a space of luxury and at the same time being pocket friendly is what we know and that’s what we came up with. But, with options – Ecocity 2.0 & Aikonic are the two uniquely designed projects upholding their own characters and tones only for you. Living in Talegaon has never been better!

So, when you get a complete overview of every aspect minutely, you definitely know why living in Talegaon is better than living in the city.

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