Life 360- let your child be a sport!

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  • 27th June, 2018

Life 360- let your child be a sport!


Ananya is not a scholar, but you should watch her play basketball! She could give Sheryl Swoopes a complex. Neil is a bookworm and thinks that games exist only on the laptop or mobile screens.  Does any of these sound like a story at your home? Well, the good news is, now you can find a perfect home that has exciting sports amenities. Life 360 is all set to unleash the sporty side in your kids bringing them a chance to socialize through a fascinating community life.

Swimming pool with a deck

Let them play in the pool, perfect their butterfly stroke and freshen up their body and mind. Swimming is the best exercise for staying fit and growing taller.

Futsal court

Sports like futsal help your kids stay focused and get ready to meet the challenges with unbridled confidence and enthusiasm.

Basket ball court

Let your kids learn ball-handling, shooting, passing, dribbling, dunking, shot-blocking, and rebounding. Let them know not failure, but low aim is a crime!

 Let them jog their way to health

Jogging Track

Jogging is the simplest way to stay active through a rigorous schedule of school, coaching and hobby classes.

Indoor sports

Carom board: Carom is the best way to increase the alertness in your kids. This indoor sport is simply addictive!

Tennis court: Watch your kids hone their foot work, service and spin. Prepare them for a flawless set!

Fun zone for toddlers: Let your kids hop, skip, run and swing. Let them get their fill of fresh, clean air …and have a lot of good fun!

Baby pool: Let your kids make friends with water … watching those cute, little mermaids in the pool would be a real treat to your eyes!

If you want to make your children have a healthy body and a happy mind; sprint towards Life 360 flats in Rahatani.

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