investing in 2BHK is a lucrative opportunity

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  • 09th October, 2018

investing in 2BHK is a lucrative opportunity

Pune is been considered one of the best cities to invest in a property due to number of advantages that the city offers.

2bhk in Pune

Multiple options to choose from

If you are considering a property in Pune, the city has various housing options, like economically friendly projects to premium projects, to super luxurious projects. The future of Pune real estate looks promising as it’s growing rapidly. Property prices in prominent micro-markets in Pune have also witnessed a decent increase over the years. When it comes to investing in a property, considering a 2BHK in Pune is the best option.

Lucrative gains to lookout for

It may not be very cheap but it’s also not as expensive as the further variants. It is perfectly affordable as you have an array of options to choose for a 2BHK in Pune. The biggest advantage is that it provides attractive returns on investment and decent rentals. After a particular time this house can be transferred to your successors too.

Wide demand spectrum

Generally the demand is more for ready-to-move-in properties or properties that are almost ready for possession. It is interesting to notice that in spite of the slowdown seen across other cities, the real estate market in Pune has remained resilient. The reason may be the booming IT Sector and start-up proliferation. Not only locals but a considerable crowd from all over the country is quite keen on buying a property in Pune. Residential real estate segment in Pune, has seen a growing demand from non-resident Indians (NRIs) as well.

Advantages of flourishing suburbs

Outskirts of Pune, like Talegaon, Tathawade, Baner, Wagholi, etc., are great options to have a 2BHK in Pune from an investment point of view. As these suburbs are developing at a fast pace and so are it’s prices and commercial value. Possessing a 2BHK in Pune can also be later on converted into a second home. These regions offer good potential for capital appreciation, as well as rental income.

Considering the reasons in investing in a 2BHK in Pune, it is sure a profitable decision. Saying this, Namrata Group is a brilliant option to consider as a choice for residential or commercial purpose.

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