Pick a home that helps you stay fit – LIFE 360

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  • 24th May, 2018
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Pick a home that helps you stay fit – LIFE 360

While there is no dearth of residential apartments for you to choose from, how about making a choice that helps you keep fit and active. Yes, we are talking about project Life 360 in Rahatani that has so many amenities that it will be fun working out even after a hard tiring day.

What all to look forward:

Some water exercise: There is no other better way to burn those calories than to dive into the swimming pool. What else would be the fun way to exercise and getting relaxed at the end of the day.

Playing Basketball:How about catching up with your friends after work and have an exciting game of basketball? A game of basketball will sure make you better at your game and also gel around with your people of your neighbourhood.

Running and Jogging:There is a dedicated space for jogging for the people residing here. If walking, jogging and running are your morning and evening ritual, this place lets you keep yourself fit by keeping those extra kilos at bay and also guarding from various other diseases.

Teaming up in Tennis : If you are figuring out as to how to improve your focus and shed off those extra kilos, you have an answer! Playing tennis will make you strong, toned and focused.

A game of Futsal:How exciting does futsal sound? The game looks even better. Let all your stress go away as you indulge in this game with your friends and let that adreline rush take all over you!

Kids Zone: Your child can learn a lot by just playing with other children in the society. There is so much to do- just jump and hop, breathe some fresh air, enjoy the swing rides or just enjoy in the baby pool (under your supervision) 


You will always like a home that makes you do so much more than just coming home all tired in the evening and sit on the sofa watching tv and sleep.

Invest in Life 360, invest in healthy living!

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