Here is what you should consider before shortlisting a property

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  • 15th May, 2019

 Shortlisting a property

Here is what you should consider before shortlisting a property

Shortlisting a property is a challenging task. As you explore options to buy your property, the choice becomes harder. So many builders, so many projects, amenities, offerings, locations and attractions, that you are confused. This may lead to wrong decision. In order to take informed, timely and correct decision, you should consider following factors before shortlisting a property.

Credibility of the builder

Whatever property you choose, second homes, land, flat in a standalone building or a township, a row house, a commercial shop, luxury apartment, your builder should be trustworthy and transparent. He should abide by all legal formalities. Before shortlisting a property, do verify the builder’s complete, current or upcoming projects and check his credibility by asking existing customers.

The quality of the property

Before shortlisting a property, make sure your buying decision is right. Understand your requirement. Know the carpet-built up area. Check the layout plans. You can visit the builder’s previous schemes and have a look. Make a site visit of the property. Ensure the quality of the construction, amenities offered, ambience and connectivity of the property.

Value for money

Check your budget factor and available financial options before shortlisting a property. Make sure your choice offers complete value for money. If you want to invest and rent it out, choose a progressive location with lots of employment opportunities.

Excellent properties by Namrata Group

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