Here are some remarkable commercial properties in Talegaon

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  • 24th June, 2019
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Commercial Properties

Here are some remarkable commercial properties in Talegaon

Along with Talegaon’s residential projects, commercial properties too are great investment options. Commercial properties make for a smart investment. If you are investing in Talegaon, make sure you explore all your investment options. This means that you should look at both – commercial as well as residential properties while choosing where to invest in. If you are unsure about which projects to look at while looking at commercial properties, these are some remarkable projects in Talegaon:

Center One

Center One

Namrata Center One brings you a place that will be irresistible for commercial investors. Here, you will find workspaces that are designed in a way that they will increase productivity for the people who work here. This way, it achieves the goal of creating a good working environment for the people who will work there. Another benefit of Center One is that it will give high returns on investment to the clients. Center One by Namrata Group brings you the best of commercial properties at the best location in Talegaon. What are you waiting for? Invest in this project right away.

Spot One
Spot One

Namrata Spot One; situated at Kanhe, the project is adjacent to Talegaon and close to Takve and Talegaon MIDC. It also has a huge neighbourhood of almost 10000 houses coming up in the area. Hence, the project offers a perfect futuristic development with the revolutionary presence. Along with the impeccable infrastructure, the construction also deals with new age amenities and a classy get-up. Lifestyle preferences today differ significantly from those of the past. Everyone wants nothing but a project? A hotelier looking for your next project? Or simply an investor who wants to make the most out of it? Let us help you wrap real estate strategy around your business objectives.

Benefits of investing in Commercial Properties in Talegaon

One direct benefit of investing in commercial properties in Talegaon is the fact that the investors will receive better returns on their investment. This is possible because commercial properties have more space, more tenants and longer lease terms. Higher rental yields and ROI means positive cash flow for investors. Apart from these, there are other benefits as well like easy and flexible finances, increased revenue and forced appreciation, etc. Investing in commercial properties in Talegaon is indeed a good idea!

These commercial spaces have much to offer and when they are developed by a reputed builder like Namrata Group, it seals the deal for investors. Make sure you don’t miss out on the gems designed by Namrata Group in the commercial spaces of Talegaon.

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