HappyCity means No Compromise Homes

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  • 10th November, 2018

HappyCity means No Compromise Homes

New things often come with a compromise. Often but not always. Welcome to HappyCity!

No Compromise Homes

No compromise Homes. Period.

What makes a house a home? A comfort that it gives and the solace it provides. Buying a home marks the beginning of a new phase of life. A phase that paves the path for new desires and expectations. There is always a feeling of having your own home. People save their earnings for their dream house. But while spending that money if one has to compromise then there is a huge dissatisfaction that cannot be alleviated.

Elegance and affordability go hand-in-hand

A residential project that promises a ‘no compromise’ home is surely a boon. One such project is Namrata Group’s ‘HappyCity’. An illustrative project that fits your bill and builds a bridge to reach your dreams. HappyCity¬†brings you a one of a kind fusion of elegant lifestyle and affordability, embedded with multiple amenities without giving you a financial stress. Life is meant to be lived fully with no compromises and HappyCity lets you do that.

Commence a new life that is complete

HappyCity enables you to revitalise your life. Enhance the happiness quotient of your family with this magnificent project. This gated community of 1RK, 1 & 2 BHK homes at Talegaon, is where the comfort of the resident is at the forefront. It is designed strictly adhering to the concept of happiness. Happy space, happy saving, happy location and happy lifestyle is what HappyCity is all about.

happynest talegaon

Eco-friendly architecture

The architecture provides ample open space and beautiful views. Every inlet lets in ample fresh air and natural light. Its pleasant ambience too adds to the quality of living. The placement of the windows and doors ensures optimal cross-ventilation. The interior designing utilises every inch of space. Hence, HappyCity is undoubtedly a home that is value for money.

Enjoy the abundance of joy that this project by Namrata Group provides you. Visit HappyCity soon.

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