HappyCity – End to all your location worries

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  • 16th October, 2018

Location Worries

HappyCity – End to all your location worries

HappyCity is a project that is one of its kind. Located in Talegaon, it has everyone’s attention. If you are looking for places to invest in Talegaon, it does not get better than this. There are a lot of things that make HappyCity special but the major reason why this project is different from other projects is its location.

HappyCity Talegaon

Located in Talegaon, this project is suitable for people who stay in Mumbai as well as Pune. This means that if you are looking for a flat to invest in, this is perfect and it works as a weekend home as well. It is located in the lap of nature – lush green trees, mountains and fresh air – and that makes it good for one’s health as well, both mental and physical. If you have ever visited Talegaon, you will instantly recognise the following locations:

happynest talegaon

HappyCity Varale

Located at Varale Phata, HappyCity gives you the benefit of being centrally located. This means that every single thing that you may require is located close by. Not only are these homes well located, they are also well crafted. Studded with amenities that will make your happiness double, these homes focus on giving you the experience of happiness, of living in the moment and of being present when the big and little joys of your life pan out. Staying at Varale, you can experience all these joys as you will be closer to home more than ever before.

HappyCity Jijamata Chowk

It is important to know the benefit of a location, especially if you are looking for a place to invest in. Jijamata Chowk is located in a way that every single person knows where it is. These happy homes are close to the railway station, the transport is great and well connected. This location is perfect as it does not require you to move away from the centre of the city to enjoy the perks of being located centrally. The idea behind HappyCity runs on this feeling that one can have affordable homes that are within their budget without moving away from the centre of the town. This is exactly what is delivered at HappyCity.

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