Going green – It’s quite easy!

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  • 15th June, 2018
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Going green is the way to eco–friendly décor

An environment-friendly décor means so many things at once. It means that you not only recongnise the need of the hour but respond to it effectively. It would be amazing to see how just a few simple do’s and don’ts come in handy to make your home join hands with a green and salubrious décor!



Say no to wooden furniture

If you really care for the environment, it’s time to get over your craze about that magnificent mahogany, rich rosewood or tantalizing teak wood. You can do up your home without cutting trees and harming the environment. So, how about going for rot iron or some other substitute?

If you find it tough to give up on your wood mood; then using some pre-owned wooden furniture would do. It would at least mean there is no repetition of the forbidden!

Make some room for indoor plants

Indoor plants go a long way in reducing the emission of toxins and impurities in the air. They even convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Now, what better way of purifying your home and inhale some fresh, healthy air?

Paint your home with the lowest or no VOC

VOC is a compound that contains carbon and easily vaporises into the air. This can cause pollution and health issues like breathing problems, burning, headache, watery eyes and nausea. Although the VOC levels are at their highest during and immediately after the painting; they start seeping into the air after many years. VOC’s are also found to cause cancer, kidney/liver damage.

Ban that carpet

Carpet acts as a sanctuary for insects, pollutants and chemicals. They may look great and add to the elegance of your interiors; but that could cost you your health. You can replace that carpet with some environment-friendly flooring.

Last but not the least, that sense of gratification!

An environment-friendly décor would help you fulfill your social obligation…and that’s a great feeling!

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