Explore Kamshet – What awaits there!

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  • 27th April, 2018

Explore Kamshet – What awaits there!

Thrill amidst serene surroundings, historic sites, ever thought they could co-exist? Explore Kamshet! Yes, Kamshet is the place!

Kamshet, a picturesque location at an altitude of 2200 ft above the sea level, is a popular destination for adventure-sports lovers. The place is also dotted with various historical sites that leave the visitors spellbound. Dense forest surrounding the region adds to the magical charm of the place.

Explore Kamshet

How to reach

It is about 110 km from Mumbai and 45 km from Pune, accessible by road and rail from both the places.


Things to do

Adventure Sports Activities:

  1. Paragliding

Kamshet is popular among tourists for Paragliding. There are a few Paragliding training schools which also provide training. There is a two-seater plane which will take you high up in the air from where you can take your paragliding flight with a certified instructor.

  1. Trekking

If you are scared to fly, you can trek up the Tower Hill, Shelar or Kondeshwar.


  1. Other activities

Other than these, the visitors may choose from drock climbing, water sports activities, earthbound adventurous activities etc.


Bedsa Caves

The two caves, oldest in Maharashtra date back to 60 BC. There are numerous steps that are required by the visitors to climb to reach the caves that feature exquisite carvings.

Bhairi Caves

In the Bhairi Caves animal sacrifices still tale place. The caves also attract tourists interested in adventure and treks. 

Kondeshwar Temple

This ancient beautiful temple devoted to Lord Shiva is situated on the Pohara hilly forest range. The verdant forest also adds to the scenic beauty of the temple. The temple features ancient Hemadpanthi style of architecture.

Bhandar Dongar

Bhandar Dongar is a must visit hill that features a medieval period temple devoted to saint Tukaram. Visitors can enjoy devotional songs in the temple.

Since it is close to other hill stations like Lonavla and Khandala, one can include those places in this trip as well.

Where to stay

Generally tourists prefer to stay at Lonavla or Khandala and visit Kamshet for adventurous pursuits as it has limited stay options. However there are resorts and paragliding tour operators which provide comfortable options, dormitories and tents at nominal rates.

Where to eat

There are not many options to choose from amongst roadside shacks and dhabas, the only places to eat in Kamshet.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the place is in the months from January-March and November-Decemeber.


Get a taste of the skies soaring and gliding over the beautiful countryside. It’s an experience of a lifetime. Kamshet calling !

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