Do not invest in property without looking at these residential projects in Talegaon.

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  • 11th September, 2018

Residential projects in Talegaon

Check out these residential projects in Talegaon.

Residential projects in Talegaon are selling like hot cake. Living in cities like Pune and Mumbai can be exhausting because of a lot of reasons. If you are looking fo projects to invest in, you should not invest in property without looking at these residential projects:

Ecocity 2.0

Eco City 2.0

At Eco City 2.0, find homes that are perfect for all your needs. Located in the heart of Talegaon, Eco City 2.0 is very close to Talegaon Railway Station and has is definitely one of the best residential projects in Talegaon. Be it 1 bhk or 2 bhk apartments that you are looking for, you will find them here! Apart from that, it is located in a way that schools and colleges along with transport are all easily accessible! These are spacious and airy apartments and they come with various amenities like swimming pool, club house, kids play area and even some shopping!

Namrata Aikonic


Aikonic is truly the icon of Talegaon. Located just 5 minutes away from Talegaon Railway station, Aikonic is also one the best residential projects in Talegaon. It projects the epitome of high living. If you want to stay away from the chaos of the city and enjoy life amidst nature, this project is perfect for you. At Aikonic, celebrate living with all the luxury you deserve. Amenities like swimming pool, kids play area, jogging track, etc are all waiting for you at AIkonic!

Picking Talegaon or investing in residential projects in Talegaon is a good idea for everyone. Various Multinational Companies like JCB, L&T, Forbes Marshall, General Motors, Tata Motors, etc are all present in Talegaon city. Apart from that, there are various reputed schools and colleges in Talegaon. The city is very well connected to Pune as well as Mumbai! Talegaon is perfect if you are looking for residential projects to invest in!

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