Dealing with a broker for a new home?

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  • 26th July, 2018

dealing with a broker

Things to be considered while dealing with a broker for a new home

You have thought, meditated, brainstormed. And now, finally, your dream of owning a new home is about to be converted into the blue print! But before reaching this final step, there are a few steps you must take with an astute analysis and due diligence. So that you can strike a perfect deal while buying a home.

Let your broker know that you know:

It’s absolutely necessary to give your broker a feeling that you too have a feel of the market; you have surveyed it thoroughly and are making a ‘studied’ deal.

Be cautious at every step:

Remember that it’s you who has to put your fingers in both the pies! Don’t worry about the broker, he knows it best how to look after himself!

All said and done, the best is to buy from the developer:

When you buy from the developer, you can get it all straight from the horse’s mouth. S/he could tell you all the facts and you can negotiate across the table, face to face.

Let the developer know that you are a serious buyer

Naturally, the developers would be more interested in serious buyers than casual window shoppers. It also helps to a great extent to let the developer know that you want to buy quickly without dilly dallying and wasting any time. This would help you strike a better deal.

Know all the facts

It helps to know the facts. First of all, make sure that you are buying a home from a developer of high repute, whose projects are RERA registered and who delivers within the deadline.

Be ready financially

Any developer is interested in selling the inventory at the earliest. If you make an upfront payment; your chances of getting the best deal get even brighter!

Keep it real:

Whether you opt for group booking or decide to book alone, let your negotiation be realistic. Though a developer may settle down for a reasonable negotiation, s/he won’t be comfortable with an unrealistic negotiation that’s too farfetched and fancy.

Make most of the festive season:

The festive season is just round the corner and the realty market is about to be abuzz with attractive offers. Keep your antennas up and grab the best offer. This way, you would get more reasons to celebrate!

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