Community life @ Talegaon

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  • 03rd May, 2018
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Community life at Talegaon

You can expect a lovely neighbourhood of nature and people at Talegaon

Talegaon- the scenic satellite city with alluring ponds it borrows its name from has been attracting hoards of people by the day. It lets you enjoy a rejuvenating reconnect with your roots through an enchanting community life.

You are happier when you socialise!

The urbane apartment culture gets us a lot of space to assert our individuality and explore what we really are, without any outside interference. But working day in and day out, while climbing the social ladder; somewhere deep inside, you still crave for the company of likeminded people. That’s exactly why you party or attend social gatherings. Now, imagine a life that brings you an opportunity to socialise every day. A life that blossoms in the sunshine of warm camaraderie. A life that makes you blossom every day, every wonderful moment!

A community life is a lifetime celebration  

Celebrating festivals with an extended family of neighbours is a real pleasure, incomparable with anything else. Imagine celebrating Christmas with the friendly, god-fearing Fernandez family, enjoying Shirkurma on Eid awith the Khan  khandan, or just a casual and cool glass of lassi with the Kapoor family….and yes, inviting all of them to your place for those grand Diwali celebrations!

A community life is security

When you have caring, vigilant neighbours; you can be absolutely worry-free even while you are away from your home. Even while at home, you can depend on them for any kind of help. Just call them, and they would be happy to oblige! Such inter-dependence also makes you more sensitive and more aware.

A community life is emotionally enriching

When you live in a community, your emotional intelligence improves. This is especially true in the case of your growing children. They can observe the behaviour of adults around and learn to respond according to the social situation. This makes them highly adaptable and well-adjusted.

Such are the precious advantages of a community life. It makes you grow in every aspect and enriches your life with multifarious experiences.

If you want to explore the wonderful possibilities of such community life; we have fascinating options of homes for you!

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