Colours for Your Rooms: Tips from Vastu Shastra

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 22nd November, 2021

A home is where we spend a major part of our lives. Every color stimulates a distinctive emotion in is which makes it imperative to have an appropriate balance of Vastu Colours in our homes to lead a happy and healthy life.

As per Vastu Shastra, each direction has a specific color, but at times, it may still not suit the owner. For instance, walls in the East should have white or light blue; North should have green or pista green colors; South direction must have red and yellow colors. West wall colors as per Vastu should be blue and white.

Now let us see which Vastu Colours would go for different rooms of the house.

Wall Colour Convention as per Vastu


Vastu Colours for the bedroom should be pastel shades. Since the bedroom is a space for relaxation, this space must have a positive aura. Newly-weds should opt for light shades of pink for more bonding. The yellow color in the bedroom frees negative energy and promotes healthy living. It channels intelligence, optimism, positivity, opportunities, and happiness.

Vastu Colours

Light or pastel hues of blue on walls create the perfect cozy ambiance to unwind all the stress of life. The color green heals your soul. White is a timeless shade for a bedroom. The color symbolizes freedom, tranquility, peace, and purity in your life.

Keep the wall color light and cool with soothing tones that are easy on the eyes. In any case, avoid dark shades of purple and red. People suffering from anxiety issues or high blood pressure must avoid dark shades of grey and black. For the bedroom, you must avoid excessive use of red as it represents fire energy and may trigger temperament issues.

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Drawing room

Homeowners make the drawing-room look attractive and alluring as that gives the first impression about the house to the guests. While the colors as per Vastu depend largely on the direction the drawing-room lies, as a general rule, you may opt for lighter hues of blue, white, green, or yellow. These colors make the room look positive, larger, and brighter.

Vastu Colours

Paints on the walls not only play a crucial role in making your home look beautiful but also represent the nature and persona of its inmates.

Kids’ Room

Kids spend a considerable amount of time in their rooms, completing their homework, playing, and sleeping. Therefore, kids’ room color must be Vastu compliant. The color green represents success. It also brings out positivity and helps in growth. If you have young children, going with this color can help your kids look on the bright side, always!  You must avoid loud colors like orange and red as they make it difficult for kids to concentrate and relax. You may use hues of yellow that balances mood swings and improve behavioral patterns in kids. If you want to brighten your child’s room as well as their mood, go with yellow!

Vastu Colours

Vastu experts advise using yellow-colored study tables. Yellow represents knowledge and is the best choice to help your kids concentrate better.


The kitchen should be painted with orange or red color also because it represents the fire element. You can opt for yellow. Warm tones like pink signify love and warmth, while brown works for the kitchen as it signifies satisfaction. Kitchen cabinets may have shades of lemon yellow, orange, or even green as it denotes freshness, health, and positivity.

Vastu Colours

Avoid dark grey, brown, and black as the color in the kitchen should not be too dark. Blue should also be avoided because blue represents Varuna, the God of water and the kitchen is an area where fire reigns.

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The bathroom should be painted with white color and it should be placed in the North-west direction. Light colors like white, cream, golden brown, or pastel shades are advisable. Dark colors not only make the space look smaller but also attract negative energy.


The living room of every home is the center of energy. It must be a comfortable and serene space. Best suited colors here are shades of white, yellow, calming green, or blue. The colors should not be bright or jarring. Ideally, the hall should be in the north-east or north-west direction and hence, should be painted yellow or white.

Vastu Colours

The dining area is where the family meets for meals. Warm colors like peach, yellow, shades of light orange, and even blue, are ideal for this area. According to Vastu, avoid using black and white in this area.

Pooja room

This room should face the North-East direction, to harness maximum sunlight. Yellow is the most suitable color for this part of your home, as this will facilitate this process. You should also avoid the dark colors in this area to make this space a calm zone of your home. You can add white and cream hues too, or orange, as it exudes energy.

Main door/entrance

Opt for soft colors for the front door, such as white, silver, or wood colors. Avoid dark colors such as black, red, or dark blue. Remember, the main entrance gates should always open in a clockwise direction and open inwards. Green is a very auspicious Vastu Colours for the entrance area. Its benefits include healing or relaxation and growth or re-creation. Green helps control excessive mood swings and temperament issues.

Study room

If you have a home office, opt for colors like light green, blue, cream, and white. Lighter hues of gold, yellow, brown, and green for your home office, ensure a stable working ambiance and enhance productivity.

In general, to bring positivity at home, you can opt for yellow, purple, and green shades. Shades of yellow are associated with communication, self-esteem, and power. Purple creates a perfect atmosphere for quietness. You can choose light shades like lavender, for a restful and soothing sleep. Green soothes stress. It is also associated with the wood element and has the qualities of healing stress and depression. Also, homeowners should avoid excessive white color as it increases egocentrism.

Wall colors impact and affect our lives immensely; the above-said tips would guide you when you get your abode painted next!