Bye bye rent. Offers sooooo great!

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  • 18th March, 2020

Namrata WOW Talegaon Home Fest

Bye bye rent. Offers sooooo great!

Namrata WOW Talegaon Home Fest is making wonders. Despite this Corona crisis, it is catching up very fast and people are immediately acting upon it. Yes the visits to sites have increased and aspiring homebuyers are so pertinent in closing the deal before 26th April, the last day of the offer! Till now a huge number of customers have capitalized on these fabulous offers and booked their dream home in Taelgaon. All 4 projects have received amazing response. We interacted with many families and tried to find out the reasons for this great success. And here are those 5 best reasons –

1] No rent is such a relief!

A large number of young professionals are staying on rent with their families or friends and at the same time doing their best to move up in career. Almost every one of them have dreamt of a home of their own. But this ‘rent’ is such a trap that was curbing all their aspirations. Their financial planning has gone for a toss as major portion of what they earn, goes for rent. On the other hand, saving for down payment is not happening or is insufficient. For all such fortunate folks, this offer is a magical solution. Because very little down payment is required and what they used to pay in rent, has now been marginally converted into EMIs. Over & above this they are receiving substantial funds because ‘get rent till possession’ benefit! Wow what a relief…

2] Saving is enormous!

The benefits of Namrata WOW Talegaon Home Fest have been so diligently planned that cumulatively they account for a huge saving. The ‘no stamp duty & registration’ benefit alone is such an enormous amount that everybody opting for this offer is saving. Other lucrative benefits too are adding up to this in a great way…

3] The brand magic of Namrata!

The beneficiaries of these offers told us that they were really impressed with the aura of the Namrata Brand. They had witnessed the immense contribution Namrata Group has been making in elevating the lifestyle quotient of Talegaon. So choice of a trusted and admired brand was never a questions in front of them. All these years they were dreaming of buying a Namrata home. But could not do so. Now with the advent of Namrata WOW Talegaon Home Fest, they are feeling blessed…literally!

4] Awesome projects!

4 projects namely Happycity 1, Happycity 2, Ecocity 2.0 and Aikonic come under the purview of this one-of-its-kind offer. And all four of them are class apart from the competitors, if they have any. Their quality is undoubted. Be it project planning, architectural layout, open spaces, amenities, home sizes or the speed of construction…all of them are superior in every respect. And location of each one of them deserve a special mention. They are so well-connected that they offer many lifelong advantages.

5] Talegaon – the preferred choice!

Last but certainly not the least is the superb suburb of Talegaon. Needless to say it is a dream destination for living and also for investment. In the course of our dialogue, we shall shortly discuss about it in detail…

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