Before buying a home, check its resale value!

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 18th July, 2018

resale value

Some long term thinking is needed while buying a home

Buying a home is a matter close to your heart. It really means many things at a time. It means good riddance from a rented home. It means the end of compromise. It means bidding goodbye to the feeling of ‘second citizenship’. Shifting to your own home is a matter of immense pride. But it’s no use making haste and buying a home without checking its vital aspects, weighing its flip side and upside. Such a hasty decision can land you in a soup! So, study all the elements of your new home, make sure that it would be equally desirable even in future and has no minus points from the futuristic perspective that would deter the home buyer if you decide to sell your property at some point of time in future. Well, it’s true that more often than not, you buy a home to live there and the thought of selling that property sometime in future may not even cross your mind one single time. But all said and done, it’s better to consider even the remotest possibilities while buying a home because such a holistic approach really helps. So, here are a few things you must consider while buying a new home:


If your home is in a locality that’s close to all conveniences like schools, colleges, workplaces, shopping centres, banks, ATMs, hospitals, gymnasiums, transport etc.; in short, a sound social infrastructure. Even, information about the proposed infrastructure is sufficient to influence the prospective buyer’s decision in favor of the property.

Regular supply of water and electricity

Sometimes things like regular electricity and water supply are taken for granted without double checking such facts.

Paying Preferential Location Charges helps

Paying preferential location charges (PLC) for a delightful view of that garden or swimming pool may add to your expenses but it would increase its resale value nevertheless. The very reason for it is such a view would enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Adequate cross ventilation, 0 dead space or in other words-maximum utilization of every inch, no common walls ensuring utmost privacy. When it comes to architecture, all these things need to be checked properly. Because it’s easy to modify your house the way you want once you move in; but altering basic things like architecture is never possible.


Sufficient parking space, children’s park, open spaces in between are some of the must haves to look for in a home.

Reputation of the developer

Buying your home from a trusted, renowned name is as important. So, don’t forget to make sure that you buy your home from a developer, who is known for transparent transactions and delivering on deadline. The strength of the clientele is a clear reflection of a developer’s merit. So, you should choose a developer who fits into these parameters.

Choosing a home from Namrata Group would make sure that your home gets a high resale value!

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