Best budget homes in talegaon

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  • 13th August, 2018

Best budget homes in talegaon.

Best budget homes in talegaon

The Prime Aspect: Budget

The ever-blooming real estate graph of Pune stands as a vibrant menu to choose from when it comes to property buying. Ceaseless growth of the city is bringing in many options on the plate for every new property buyer. Though, when it comes down to choose one, various aspects come into play before locking any. Location of the project, size of the homes that sync with your needs, connectivity, quality of the construction and few more. But these options need to be considered after the most primary aspect. And that aspect is- budget.

 Economical Location: Talegaon

Pune is spreading out widely and towers are being erected everywhere; but Projects in Talegaon are being eyed closely by many. The potential of the place entwined with nature and urban lifestyle, makes Talegaon a location of significant worth and value. Today, the land rates are economical as compared to the core areas of Pune. However, in the coming time, rates may scale up due to the industrial boom and the future that it promises. Such scenarios are most ideal for anyone who wishes to invest for the future or find an ideal home.


If Talegaon has been your location of choice, then many reasons fuse into one to bring out these two projects on the plate:

Ecocity 2.0 – A thoughtfully crafted project that offers 1 & 2 BHK apartments for the ideal home seeker. Perfectly positioned in the nature’s lap,  and touched by the urban lifestyle, this is an ideal project for the economical pocket.


best budget homes in talegaon


Aikonic – This project in Talegaon is a hallmark of elegance and marvelous architecture. Sprawled in the greens, built with maximum efficiency, these 1 & 2 BHK premium apartments at astounding prices surely justify its name ‘Aikonic’!


Best budget homes in talegaon


Projects by Namrata Group

When it comes to living, nothing outgrows the threads of happiness and contentment. And for the very same, these two projects have been specially designed to be pocket friendly for a family seeking a sprightful roof. At Namrata group, our sole aim is to make wholesome homes and keep excelling at the art of building homes everywhere. Out of the many other projects, these best budget homes in Talegaon are specially crafted for the common with an uncommon spirit.

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