Amp up your Home Decor This Christmas- Ideas & Tips

  • Posted by: Sahir
  • 11th November, 2021

December 25th, Christmas remains the most awaited day, an opportunity for children to receive their long-awaited gifts. For adults, however, it is the moment of meeting with distant relatives, being able to spend some time together with family after months. Christmas is all about bonding with family & friends at home. Since the home is the place where all activity will be centered, this is where your efforts should be directed

Here are a few Christmas home decoration tips and ideas that you can follow to make your home look stylish and festive ready. 

Christmas Home Decoration

  • Trendy Colors for Christmas 2021

There are five trendy colors for Christmas decorations light blue, baby pink, antique pink, Fuchsia, and Red.

Light blue immediately recalls sky and starry nights, allowing you to create a peaceful and restful environment. A series of colored fuchsia balls embellished with glitter will make your Christmas dinner table brighter. The combinations with stronger colors such as ultramarine blue are also a fantastic combination. Needless to say, red is the color for celebrations, excitement, liveliness, and cheer.

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  • Decorations & Furnishing

Christmas is a relaxing time to share with your partner, children, friends, and relatives. However, there are some trends that you can get inspired from if you want to create a wholesome and great-looking space.


Christmas home decoration


  • Total Look

This means that you choose a color, a mood, and an idea for Christmas and apply it to all the decorations present. It is not worth having the tree decorated in white, yellow garlands, red festoons, and blue tablecloths. Everything must give the idea of ​​a well-designed set to amaze.

Furniture may be combined with house ornaments for Christmas and other accessories. Choose any color from the five above for decorations but ensure that they match with the rest of the house’s colors or at least of the room in which they are present.


 Christmas Home decoration


  • Be Minimalistic

Christmas is always an opportunity to amaze with decorations. However, maintaining sobriety is extremely important. Some people show off heavy-duty decorations: bows, balls, garlands, colored threads, advent calendars, fake Santas, plates, and glasses. The logical thread of the decorations is lost in the chaos. The environment will be overcrowded with useless trinkets, the most important decorations will lose their fundamental value, and everything will be reduced to a mess.

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Decorate All the Rooms of the House

Christmas doesn’t necessarily have to be celebrated only in the living or dining room! Recreating the atmosphere in the various rooms, albeit with only one decorative element, can be a nice and not excessively expensive idea. It can be with a small potted tree, a bright star, or a fresh flower garland.

  • The Christmas Tree

The at home Christmas trees must have sober additions, never super decorated. Especially if you have a small house with few perspective spaces, do not overdo the tree. A tree, either large, disproportionate, or hyper-decorated, will make the room much smaller! Make sure that the branches and needles of the original color show up. Then, add a few balls or stars or other decorations and a jute or paper base.


Christmas home decoration


  • Christmas Table Decor

You might want to set the table with a traditional white linen tablecloth. However, if you have a nice wooden or marble table instead, you can leave it naked and set the table with plain or Christmas-themed placemats. In this way, you will highlight the beauty of the table and that of the objects.

For a Christmas decoration, you can also bring to the table red candles, lanterns, or glasses with candles and candelabra. By doing this, you will transform your dining room into a warm and enveloping environment, where you can enjoy lunch or dinner in the company of your loved ones.


Christmas home decoration


  • Décor Outside Home

Use Christmas lights for outside the house. What makes Christmas beautiful and love is the atmosphere that can be created and done with lighting. Avoid flashing or overly colored lights. Instead, choose to highlight a path, an elevation, or perhaps the (real) tree you are decorating outside!

No matter how busy you are, shopping for everyone on your family/friend list, baking wintry desserts, you can always find time to make your home shine (indoors and out!) as bright as the star on the top of your Christmas tree. Keeping in mind the spirit of Christmas, Namrata Group wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and hopes that  the year ahead brings you great joy and happiness.