Affordable Housing: Myths and reality

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  • 12th March, 2018
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Our notions about ‘Affordable Housing’ are generally misleading. Here is a  realty- we mean, reality check.

Myth 1: Affordable Housing reduces the property value
People often think that affordable housing is about compromise on quality. So, this must naturally affect its value in a negative way.

Reality: On the contrary, the developers make such propositions keeping an eye on their cost effectiveness, albeit compromising on the quality of the homes.

Myth 2: Affordable Housing means cheap looks
Affordable housing is often equated with a shabby or substandard look.

Reality: Again, reputed developers are concerned about the long term success of any proposition. So, any developer worth her/ his salt can’t come up with a house that has a substandard aesthetic value.

Myth 3: Affordable housing is all about crammed up spaces
If there is no compromise on the quality, there must be some compromise on the space. This is what people may end up thinking when it comes to pocket-friendly homes.

Reality: An affordable house is created through adequate planning of space. This means that an affordable home could also bring you the same comfort. After all, meticulous architecture utilises every inch of the space creatively.

Myth 4: ‘Affordable Housing’ brings along a low self esteem
The very thought of going for an affordable home makes people a little uncomfortable. They think that it’s not all that prestigious.

Reality: On the other hand, a prudent investment has to be considered wise and therefore, prestigious!

Myth 5: Affordable Housing means a less comfortable lifestyle
A truly affordable home aims at cutting down all the unnecessary expenses. Consider that appendage of all those unnecessary add-ons.  Of course, this does not mean an absence of necessary amenities. Such extra (read needless) amenities just increase the overall costing of your home. Did you think that they mean real value addition? Think again!

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