Advantages of investing in a 2BHK
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  • 02nd November, 2018

2bhk in Pune

Advantages of investing in a 2BHK in Pune

With a futuristic thinking a 2BHK in Pune is advantageous in more than one way.

Changing scenario regarding buying a home

Gone are the days when people saved up for their homes till the age of 40 and then purchased a home. Today with easy EMI schemes people are planning about their homes at a much younger age. The definition of being well- settled is having a home before marriage. So, most of the youngsters are seriously considering buying a 2bhk in Pune.

Has an edge over any other alternative

Keeping in mind the changes, likely to take place in future buying a 2bhk in Pune is a lucrative preposition. Compared with 1BHK may be apparently cheaper but is also becomes crunched as new additions are made to your family. It’s also better compared to an independent villa or a builder floor even if it costs the same. Residents of a flat enjoy several other benefits like 24×7 security and maintenance. Compared to renting a 2BHK in Pune, your own home offers you freedom as well as financial security, which is a priority.

Holds a promise

One of the best cities for investment is Pune as it offers numerous advantages. Home buyers with all kinds of budget can find a 2BHK in Pune. Be it economically friendly homes or luxurious ones. The future of Pune real estate is indisputably bright. Pune’s prominent micro-markets, have witnessed a decent increase in property prices over the years. The real estate market in Pune has remained resilient. The reason may be the booming IT Sector and start-up proliferation.

ROI and rental benefits

Not only locals but people from across the country as well as NRIs are keen on investing in Pune. The biggest advantage is that it provides attractive returns on investment and decent rentals. This property can be further transferred to your successors if you hold it for a certain time period.

Outskirts evolving in urban towns

Currently suburbs Talegaon, Tathawade, Baner, Wagholi, etc., are great options to have a 2BHK in Pune. They are developing at a fast pace and so is its commercial value. These emerging towns offer good potential for capital appreciation, as well as rental income.

Now procure these advantages by buying a 2BHK in Pune. Namrata Group brings Happynest, Ecocity 2.0, Aikonic, Life 360 Degree and 7 Plumeria Drive.

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