7 Plumeria Drive- Unravel the marvel

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  • 12th July, 2018
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7 PLumeria Drive

7 Plumeria Drive – It’s where the elite live!

7 Plumeria Drive is a marvel that everybody looks up to, literally, as it boasts of being the tallest edifice in the vicinity. Replete with Inescapable elegance, it surpasses the rest in its flight of creativity and soars as high when one tries to scale its height in terms of its quality. Why, it won’t be an exaggeration to state that its unparalleled stature would match inch to inch only with your flight of imagination. Well, that’s when you would look at it from the ground. The other side of the ‘storey’ is equally fascinating!

Let your gaze span across the eye spa!

Lower your gaze and it would make you hold your head high with pride as your eye relish the green eye candy of that unfathomable panorama. Roll your eyes through it, let your pupil expand in wonderment, close your eyes as the sheer ecstasy envelopes you…rest assured that no matter whatever you choose to look at, a rainbow of pleasant experiences is going to colour your life with 7 resplendent hues!

A paradise of sports!

Podium 1

The 45,650 sq. ft. stunning club complex comprising a scintillating swimming pool, a fascinating home theater, a vast library to nurture your mind and soul, the gymnasium that ‘floats’ over the swimming pool, with a cozy café deck below,   an inviting BBQ deck for a heartwarming party,  Kids’ activity room to keep them smiling and supple, the spa services that exfoliate all your stress and make you feel reborn.

Podium 2

The 25,659 sq. ft. vehicle-free podium offers an alluring array of ecstatic moments through an amphi theater, pergolas, gazebos, jogging track, children’s play area, boulevards, flowering plants that are forever in bloom, ornamental water bodies et al.  The 28, 217 sq. ft. Podium 2 presents a Basket ball court, Tennis Court, Jogging track, Outdoor gymnasium, Pergola covered seating and marvelous landscaping.

Arrive @ 7 PD and explore an  exotic ,ecstatic lifestyle!

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