7 Plumeria Drive- Open up to a royal, panoramic life!

  • Posted by: Namrata Group
  • 05th July, 2018



7 Plumeria Drive arrives as the ultimate in high living, something that would match your stature in every bit!

All through your life, you have always loved to surprise yourself by surpassing your own expectations…and we dare say with all humility, that here’s a residence that does ditto.

A cluster of 9 high-rise buildings with generous, invigorating open spaces standing tall and magnificent, sprawling across 16 acres to capture every fragment of your fancy through 2, 3 & 4 BHK premium residences at Tathawade. Stretched heavenwards above all the towers in the vicinity; it would offer you that 7th heaven high!

Let’s go… through an 80% open space! 

The lavish expanse of open spaces between buildings and manifold amenities is all set to liberate you while the adjacent 78,000 sq. ft. Municipal Garden accentuates the feeling with its enchanting emerald stretch. The exquisite glass railings connect your soul with the verdant vistas and transport you to a quaint, fairy-tale world. Now, what could be a better way to get back to nature and stay connected to it 24×7?

On a quiet holiday, you can observe the dewy dawn bloom into a bright, sunny day, and the day crawls into a languid afternoon with dwarfed shadows lending it a mysterious air, (just go for a stroll post lunch and you would discover how) the glaring afternoon sun mellow down into a crimson evening…and the starlit night take over!

It’s opulent, serene, verdant, and totally lateral… as the exhilarating 7 elements of art offer a perfect concoction of Colour, Shape, Form, Value, Space, and Structure!

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