5 things you should crosscheck before buying property from any company

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  • 25th July, 2019

 Buying Property from any Company

5 things you should crosscheck before buying property from any company

Buying a property is the most crucial decision for a buyer. It becomes a challenging task because as you start shortlisting the properties you get more confused with so many companies, so many projects, amenities, offerings, locations and attractions.  Buying a home is a special investment that we make for a lifetime and one wrong decision can spoil everything. Therefore before making the correct choice one must ensure that the company you choose deserves your trust and money! Here some factors to crosscheck before buying a property from any company.

Credibility and Trustworthiness:

Before shortlisting a property one of the most important things to crosscheck about the company or builder is that whether they are trustworthy or not. Verify the company’s complete background, their current or upcoming projects and check their credibility by asking existing customers. Invest your money in a property that belongs to a reputed real estate developer who deserves your trust. The trustworthiness of a company reflects from their actions, transparency in dealings, straightforward communications, and the number of sold homes, quality and satisfied customers. Verify first and then choose the best.

Approvals and Paperwork:

Verifying the builder’s paperwork such as commencement certificate for work, environmental clearance and approved building plans is also an important thing to consider before buying the property. Also, ask the builder for all the required documents and verify them to get the actual status of the property. The important documents to crosscheck include, Title Deed or NOC (no-objection certificate), Release Certificate, Encumbrance Certificate, Property Tax Receipts and other approval certificates to make sure that the entire layout has been approved by the development corporation and the local bodies of the city. Check all the documents to verify whether the builder has full rights over the property or if there is still any unpaid loan on the land or whether the land is free from all legal dues or not.

Community Feedback:

The community of the existing occupants can speak a lot about the company’s reputation and credibility. Ask the existing customers to give their feedback on the quality of the construction, amenities offered, ambience and connectivity but most importantly ask whether the company offers transparency and clear communications to the customers. Staying consistent with their commitments, fulfilling all their promises and a happy community of satisfied customers is what makes a company trustworthy. Such companies have long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Experience, Commitment and Quality:

 While choosing a property trust the reputed builders and companies who have had years of experience in the field of real estate. To know whether the company is the correct option or not, check for how many years they have been around in the business, the core values of their brand and whether they have any legacy or not. Quality construction and no-compromise approach are the two strengths of a good company. The company that provides good quality homes as per their commitment is the one for you. The commitment of a company reflects from their approach and perspective towards everything. Visit their previous completed projects and ensure the quality of the construction, offered amenities, ambience and connectivity.

Transparency and Communication:

The true identity of a trustworthy company is that they have complete transparency in everything including transactions, paperwork, commitments and most importantly in communications. A reputed company prefers clear communications and business ethics which help their customers instead of confusing them. They will not only communicate what is to be included in the purchase but will also help you through the process and guide you at each and every step of making the purchase.

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