5 reasons why residential investment in Hinjewadi is worthy.

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  • 01st January, 2019
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Projects in Hinjewadi

5 reasons why residential investment in Hinjewadi is worthy

Pune’s Pride – Hinjewadi

Pune is growing at an unmatched pace. Growth that is bringing prosperity to this land of cultures and traditions. And the major contributor to this growth is Hinjewadi. The IT hub at Hinjewadi is generating employment for the country’s youth and at the same time generating revenue. Hinjewadi is the topmost diamond of Pune’s crown.

Concrete Gold

Concrete gold is the new gold and Hinjewadi is immensely blessed with it. There are countless finished and in-process projects in Hinjewadi. As the future graph is promising, investing in any project in Hinjewadi is being predicted as profitable from every angle.

Location & Connectivity

Hinjewadi falls onto the north-western side of Pune. Its location adds more value to the area and projects in Hinjewadi.  Hinjewadi is well connected to Mumbai-Pune Expressway and Pune-Bangalore Bypass. It is accessible from key destinations of Pune. Metro project is already in process which will signify Hinjewadi’s accessibility.


Hinjewadi is etched with the latest lifestyle trends and all the modern civic amenities. This has also helped in adding more value to the area and residential projects in Hinjewadi. As Hinjewadi lacks nothing, it stands a wholesome place for living. Thus, it helps in considering this area for investing in residential projects in Hinjewadi.

Future’s Trump Card

Investing in residential projects in Hinjewadi will be your future’s trump card. As the growth graph is on a constant rise, the property rates have only way to go – Up! Investing in projects of Hinjewadi stands as an assurance for heavy ROI.

By investing in any project by Namrata Group in Hinjewadi, you can start your journey to a prosperous future today!

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