Buying a 2 bhk flat in pune is a smart Way to Invest

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  • 20th August, 2018

Buying a 2 bhk flat in Pune right now is a smart way to invest

2 bhk flat in Pune

Pune: The Real Estate Hub

As the city of Pune is growing widely and wildly, many are sensing this as an investment opportunity. Pune is sprawled amidst the hills and is embraced by nature from all the sides. City of Mumbai which is also the economical capital, lacks touch of the nature. Now, there are majorly two categories which are surging the demand of property in Pune. At first, there are the home buyers, secondly, there are the investors. We’ll quickly skim through for as why purchasing a property in Pune is a smart way to Invest.

The Key to Future – 2BHK

The demand of property in Pune has resulted into construction of varied sizes of flats. 1RK, 1BHK and 2BHK flats in Pune are the grossing ones to choose from. Options can often make you land in the land of confusion. But here the game is easy as 2BHK flats outgrow every other choice in every premise of consideration. A 2BHK flat serves you in multiple ways. A 2BHK flat in Pune is definitely a smart choice over the rest. Generally, a 2BHK flat will be costlier by around 8-10 lacs. But this margin has a lot of advantages.

A 2 BHK flat in Pune has more resale value than that of 1BHK.

Just not in terms of the digits but as a wholesome value, a 2BHK flat gains more resale value with respect to 1BHK.

More space is more ease. Be it an investment or a home, 2BHK stands better.

More space stands as an advantage at any point of time.

A weekend gateway home for your family and friends.

Such an investment can act as a favorite weekend gateway home for your family and friends. Also, such spaces prove to be vital during special occasion of celebrations where space if needful.

An ideal sized flat, sales out quick.

As compared to 1BHK, a 2BHK flat sales out quickly. Also, a 3BHK or 4BHK flat has a low probability of being sold as quickly as a 2BHK flat would be taken.

Such points could be taken into consideration before pressing for any other size of flats in Pune. A 2BHK flat serves well over others and hence buying it as investment is definitely a smart choice.

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