Your NO Countsc - International Anti-Corruption Day.

The UN has named 9th of December as the official International Anti-Corruption Day and this month we would like to focus on it in the wake of our current PM’s demonetisation move.

Corruption is a global crime, a scourge which knows no barriers and one which affects nearly every facet of life. It is also one which, through collaborative, international awareness raising and action can be beaten. People often think that corruption is "just a way of life", but every society, sector and individual would benefit from standing United Against Corruption.

Attitudes on corruption are changing. As recently as ten years ago, corruption was only whispered about. Today there are signs of growing intolerance toward corruption and more and more politicians and chief executives are being tried and convicted.

How you can help best?

  • Educate the public about the government's responsibility to be corruption-free
  • Raise awareness with the public, media and government about the costs of corruption for key services such as health and education
  • Engage the youth of your country about what ethical behaviour is, what corruption is and how to fight it, and to demand their right to education
  • Report incidents of corruption
  • Refuse to participate in any activities that are not legal and transparent
  • Foster economic stability by enforcing zero-tolerance practices towards corruption

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