Think. Feel. Do - Namrata Group philosophy.


Every company practices a philosophy that it lives by – what we call the company vision. The vision of the company is an inspiration not only for the company but for the world as well. There’s always something to take from, something to learn. Read on to know more.

The legacy of Brand Namrata runs unrivalled for close to three decades. Starting from venturing into realty industry, the Group has since then expanded to allied business verticals too. We believe in representing our valued legacy, to deliver ideas that present value. We do this by being human-friendly, reliable, quality & market conscious, and service-driven. We just happen to be a real-estate company.

Namrata Group stands by the philosophy of Think. Feel. Do.

THINK  - the idea is of thoughtful development of exciting product/project offerings.

think /verb/ - to have a particular belief or idea; use one’s mind actively to form connected ideas; have a specified opinion about something.


FEEL  - the thought behind "feel" is to create a brand feel by charming communication & user experience.

feel /verb/ - experience (an emotion or sensation); be aware of (a person or object) through touching or being touched; have a belief or impression, especially without an identifiable reason.


DO  - "do" is basically to do the job by delivering effective customer interaction & engagement.

do /verb/ - perform an action; achieve or complete something, in particular; act or behave in a specified way

The whole idea further translates into Design, Delight & Deliver. What this basically is that you Design with utmost creativity with Delight so you can efficiently Deliver what you have been posed with.

In conclusion,

  • Think to build stories around design
  • Feel to transform experience through customer delight
  • Do by creating lifetime people-relationships

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