The Second Of October.


The 2nd of October is a day of many historical events - the same day when the Indian father figure, the great Mahatma Gandhi, was born in 1869. The 2nd of October is widely celebrated in India as a national festival on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was honored with the title “Mahatma” (Great Soul), for his prodigious contribution in the historical crusade of India’s freedom. He graduated as a Barrister from London in 1883. After graduating, he started practicing law. He went to South Africa to plead a case on behalf of “Dada Abdullah and Co.” in 1987. While he was in South Africa, he witnessed the mistreatment and cruelty towards the Negros community by the White people. He found that act biased, and full of torture. He himself faced the same torment, while he was traveling by train in SA. Being an Indian, the TC had thrown him out of the train. To fight against this partiality, he formed the ‘Natal Indian National Congress’ organization.                                                                                

As a freedom fighter, he always believed in non-violence. He adored and worshipped the principles of non-violence and peace, till he breathed his last. As he was a core devotee of the non-violence ideology, the 2nd of October is also celebrated as ‘International Non-Violence Day’. He hurled the famous “Quit India Movement” to drive the British out of the India.

Mahatma Gandhi has always believed in simplicity, a simplicity which he aided with a deterministic mind. On his birth ceremony, let’s remember the great persona who gave us and our country the greatest asset of all time - freedom.  

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