The Monsoon Mania.


After the scorching sun shining at us for months continuously, monsoons are just around the corner and that certainly makes us hopeful for making our days cool and a lot better. It’s time to get rid of those sun tans and enjoy the washed natural view. What joy it is to soak in the rains, make paper boats and see them flowing with the water and sipping hot tea with pakoras. How lovely are the rains!

Here are the reasons that make all of us wait for the monsoon mania-

1) Instant relief from the blazing sun – We’ve been hopefully looking at the sky to pour down. As we approach the month of June, people in the southern and western part of the country look forward to splash in the rains and enjoy every bit of it. After the dry spell in most of parts of the country, rains have become quite necessary to rejuvenate the nature by washing away the dust, filling those lakes and rivers and cooling the climate. 

2) The dry spell will come to an end:  With limited water resources, the summers become more painful. The entire country faces the problem of water cuts because of lack of water in its natural resources. The decreasing water levels in the lakes, rivers and dams is indeed an alarming situation and creates havoc if the water is not used or harvested properly when it is raining outside. The earth becomes parched and dry in the summers and all it wants is plenty rains to revive itself.

3) Travel on the cards:  To avoid the heat, people generally don’t step out of the house. They can only head to hill stations to escape the summer heat waves. In monsoons, nature will be on its full bloom and it would be lovely to just go for a ride or drive to your favorite place with your friends and family. Top locations for visiting in monsoons nearby are Lavasa, Talegaon,  Lonavala, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar and Kolad. Umbrellas, tea, rains and serene natural location look just like a perfect match!


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