Save The Sparrow.


We see them everywhere – they are probably one of the most common species around, which is why, the fact that they are endangered remains unregistered with most people. Sparrows are indeed endangered species, dying every year in large numbers due to constant environmental changes. And in a way, we are responsible. Global warming and other degrading factors have contributed in a large way in disturbing the ecological balance. This summer, we exhort you to do your bit to save one of the most critically- endangered species – the sparrow.

1). A lot can be built through garbage. Why throw away shoeboxes after you unpack that snazzy pair? A home to the sparrows can be provided by simply hanging a shoebox on the terrace/balcony of your home with a hole drilled in it – of around 4 centimeters in diameter so that the sparrows can build a nest in the box.

2). It’s really difficult for not only animals but humans as well, to survive without water. Imagine roaming around in broad daylight and not finding even a drop of water around. Scary, isn’t it? One of the reasons why sparrows die in summer is due to lack of water. You can fill up bowls of fresh water every day and leave it in your balcony or terrace so that the sparrows can take a sip when they’re looking for water around. Secondarily, sparrows need water to wash themselves up too, so you can have an instalment for that purpose as well!  

3). Another crucial source of survival is food. Sparrows find it difficult to not only find water but food as well. Keeping some bits of rice or any other edible healthy food item in a dish in your terrace or balcony can be of great help for the sparrows. No one knows how many lives you’ll end up saving by taking up an initiative like this one!

Lastly, every bit of individual effort plays a big role in restoring environmental balance. The root cause of endangered species is the imbalance caused in the natural cycle. You may not see the results immediately, but you’d be doing a lot for the planet in the long run!

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