India is most likely to overtake China in terms of population.


The planet is a limited place and the people abiding are constantly increasing year by year. With the available land constantly decreasing and the population frequently increasing, an all-new problem has arisen. This might also be the reason for the daily traffic jams with the number of vehicles on the road hiking every day. 

India’s population is predicted to have crossed that of China in the coming years, and Nigeria will most likely overtake the United States to become the third most populous country in the world shortly. The current world population is projected to keep on rising in the coming years and by 2050 it is said to be almost doubled.

Approximately 83 million people are added to this planet per year and a further hike in the number is envisioned, even though there’s a drop in the fertility rates, which have continued to fall since the 1960s. By 2024, India is said to have overtaken China by crossing its 1.4 billion population. India, currently, has 1.3 billion inhabitants.  

The 10 most populous countries with low fertility levels are China, United States, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Germany, Iran, Thailand, and United Kingdom.

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