How to keep kids away from gadget addictions?.


Now that the summer vacations are on the verge of incepting, maybe have even incepted for many, how to have kids to possess memories of playgrounds and outdoor activities rather than expensive tablets and the screen of the idiot box?

As parents, most have memoirs of roaming with friends during vacations, being out in the sun for long and still have fun. Are your kids living a boxed life? Are they being boxed inside the room, inside the tablet, inside the laptop or inside the television set? Getting them off this addiction is tough and challenging as most kids do not realize how fun it is to go outside, explore and play. This not just deprives them of physical activity, but also drains them out of their creative ability and the ability to share and play in groups. Are you wondering how to get them to leave aside that mobile and explore the wonders of nature?

Read on to know ways in which you can engage your children in more joyful areas and end the gadget obsession.

Be an inspiration

Leave your mobile, tablet, and laptop aside for a few hours every day. Engage in alternative forms of entertainment or hobby classes. Use this time to spend quality moments with your family and kids.

Alter the routine

Get them involved in activities that require them to leave the mobile and other gadgets aside. Change their routine and make sure their free time isn’t being synonymous with screen time.

Control the access

Keep mobiles and other gadgets in a way that they cannot access them at will, and you know when they’re using it.

Indulge in activity based learning

Kids tend to switch to gadgets as a resort for fun and entertainment. The toys you get them lose its charm in a few days, unlike the mobile game that has something challenging at every new level. So, why not get them something to play with that is challenging every time they engage in it? No, that doesn’t mean getting them lot of new toys, what you could do is to subscribe to activity boxes that will be delivered to them every month and they can engage for hours in activity-based learning.

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